Art & Style

Strolling along the park alleys or staying among the spacious interiors of both hotels, we can see people with clear smiling faces lighted up in a special way. artTo know their secret for that elevated emotional experience, we follow the direction of their attention and find out the objects of that continued interest – the works of art displayed in a delicate way but featuring their cozy and at the same time valuable materials emphasizing the excellent architecture.  


artMore than 1200 paintings and sculptures of famous Bulgarian artists change one another before your eyes. Hand-made tapestries, luminous ceilings, hand-made  stained glass artworks. Each corner has its own feature and excitement. In the lobby of Helena Sands hotel is an atrium in which some sculptures suspended from the 8th floor form downstairs a sculpture of Poseidon in running waters.


artartA distinctive feature of the complex is a big clock tower 38 m high, as all towers in the complex number five.The clock tower has a four-faced clock each of them being unique because of their size and a symbolism coded in them. The clock dials contain the main element of the eternal ProtoBulgarian calendar – 12 constellations symbolized by animals. The calendar was used for planning ancient Bulgarian towns.

artThe hotel guests can see a copy of a big rock bas-relief of Madara Rider, situated not far away from the ancient Bulgarian capitals of Pliska and Preslav. The historic science refers the bas-relief to the Persian tsar Darius at the time of his march to Scythia, while some other scientists believe it is a Thracian cult, and there are third ones who claim that it is the image of the Bulgarian khan Krum.
A clock was fixed and adjusted to show the summer time on our geographical latitudes and was worked out especially for the Helena Resort complex. It is distinct by its elegant outline while its hands are laid on a rich stone mosaic featuring a rose of winds.
The outline of the biggest swimming pool in the complex is with a horizontal planning of a cruciform domed church as the dome contributes for bringing a monastery atmosphere to the inner yard of the Helena Sands hotel. The ornaments used in the dome are typical for the Bulgarian lands from ancient times. Chiseled from two metals symbolizing the Moon and the Sun – the Rotunda creates harmony and gives an unique charm to the space. The Rotunda itself holds a special award of the New York Architectural Society.

Hand painted stained glass pieces are by Daniela Todorova.